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Isle of Palms Fishing

Barrier Island Eco Tours

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"A special thanks to Shane Ziegler of Barrier Island Eco Tours, Isle of Palms, for sharing his invaluable insights and vast knowledge about the Lowcountry, its wildlife and ecosystem. And the tours are fabulous!"

-Mary Alice Monroe, Author of The Beach House

Barrier Island Ecotours is hands down worth a trip to Charleston to experience. The sights of the salt marsh and all it has to offer is worth every penny. Where else can you experience up close and personally all the marine and terrestrial wildlife the estuaries and capers island has to offer? From dolphins, crabs, deer, allligators, abundant fish, you will have a blast being entertained by the outdoors. Every trip is a surprise because you don't know what you will encounter. If you want peace and relaxation at the same time of excitement these are the trips for you and your family and friends of any ages. Ask the naturalists and they will tell you the hot spots of where to go and what trips are best suited for your group.

-Lee Sparwasser

As Charleston locals, my family has the incredible opportunity to go on a nature tour with Barrier Island Ecotours at least once a summer and often times, more! With their many options like crabbing trips, dolphin excursions, sunset cruises, etc., we always have a great time and it's never the same trip twice. The captains handle the boats with precision, and the naturalists have an incredible amount of knowledge and keep everyone entertained and laughing. And then there's the fishing charters! Our daughter LOVES fishing with Mr. Shane, and every time we've been out, she's caught enough fish to make her ask almost every day when we can go again. I highly recommend Barrier Island Ecotours for visitors and locals alike...

- Michael Schumpert

Scheduled Trips

We offer naturalist guided boat excursions to Capers Island State Heritage Preserve, one of the last undeveloped barrier islands. Our fleet consists of: the Callinectes, a 40 passenger covered pontoon; the Sayana, a 22 passenger covered pontoon; the Marsh Mama, a 26 foot, 16 passenger Carolina Skiff; and the Cut Mullet, a 23 foot, 6 passenger bay style boat. All of our boats are available for private, customized charters as well.

Capers Wild Life Exploration
Enjoy a 3.5 hour boat excursion as we venture to Capers Island, one of the few remaining undeveloped barrier islands. We will cruise through winding tidal creeks to find diverse wildlife living in this salt marsh environment. Common sightings include bottlenose dolphin, osprey, pelicans, bald eagles, herons, egrets, and more. Along the way we'll employ various nets and habitat traps for an up-close look at some of the rarely seen marine creatures that thrive below the surface. As you arrive on Capers, you will have about an hour and a half to explore its pristine "Bone-yard Beach" and interior freshwater ponds. Capers provides excellent opportunities for shelling and bird watching.

Dolphin Discovery Sunset Cruise
Join our naturalist on a search and discovery mission on this 2.5 hour boat excursion to encounter the fascinating bottlenose dolphin and loggerhead sea turtle. Bottlenose dolphins are a common resident of our salt marshes and inlets behind the barrier islands. As you observe the dolphins feeding, playing, or simply cruising around in their native environment you will learn all about their social behavior, feeding habits, and much more. Also learn about the life history of threatened loggerhead sea turtle which we often catch sight of during the summer months. You will also have about 1 hour to get off the boat and explore Capers Island's "Bone-yard Beach". 

Blue Crabbing Excursion
We will venture by boat to an excellent crabbing spot, teach you about the intriguing life history of the blue crab, and then catch, cook, clean and consume these tasty crustaceans. Our crab boil takes place on the beach of Capers Island. A fantastic trip for the family. This may very well be the freshest seafood you will ever eat!

Creek Fishing
Our experienced captain will take you to a few of his hot spots back in the salt marsh. This is fun-fishing at its best with light tackle and plenty of action. This is a perfect fishing trip for families and our guides are great with kids! Catches include redfish, trout, flounder, shark, rays, ladyfish, and more. Fresh bait, license, and all tackle provided.

Marine Biology Day Camp
We will take you to Capers Island where you will see, touch, and learn about the interesting creatures that live along our shores. You will have a chance to throw a cast net, crab, explore the salt marsh, spend time observing bottlenose dolphins and catch animals to put in our touch-tank. We will also grill hot dogs and enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, cookies and watermelon for lunch on the beach. Bottled waters are included.

Charleston Harbor History and Maritime Mystery
Departing from the Isle of Palms Marina, enjoy a leisurely boat cruise along the intracoastal waterway to the historic Charleston Harbor. We will cruise the tidal creeks along the back side of Sullivans Island, into the Charleston Harbor, and along the banks of Mt. Pleasant's “Old Village”.

Your guide will entertain you with historic facts and accounts through stories ranging from Native Americans and the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, to past and present land owners in the area. Your Historian is also a Naturalist and time will be spent observing dolphins and discovering other wildlife. Coolers welcome.

HAPPY National Estuaries Day
Information and Facts

Like a tide of recognition regarding the state of our estuaries, National Estuaries Day rolls in every last Weekend on the month of September. This year National Estuaries Day will be commemorated September 28, 2013.

National Estuaries Day was developed in 1988 as component of Coast Weeks, this annual occasion is the inspiration for all those that adore and care for our nation's estuaries.

The function of National Estuaries Day is to advertise the relevance of estuaries and the have to shield them.

It is also the event for a public-awareness project to notify individuals from shore to coast about their link to these lovely locations and exactly how they could urge its healthy and balanced future.

Numerous National Estuaries Day activities develop across the country, from digital photography competitions in Florida, canoe trips in Washington, estuary clean-ups in North Carolina, exhibits at state resources, directed estuary trips in Texas, to festivals in California.

Since its inception in 1988, National Estuary Day experiences strengthened the partnership between the National Estuary Program (NEP) and the National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS). The 2 programs secure greater than 50 estuarine environments that have been government designated as living sources.

Assist spread out the word that estuaries are vital to migratory species; provide crucial habitat for a range of aquatic plants and pets; aid stop coastal disintegration; are necessary entertainment and traveler locations; which estuaries are vital for our future and the wellness of the oceans.

Isle of Palms Fishing Trips - The Best Charleston Fishing Charters

We offer excellent inshore fishing opportunities year round to help you experience fishing in the Charleston at a whole new level.

Departing from the Isle of Palms Marina, within minutes you are in pristine salt marshes and tidal flats. The waters surrounding the Isle of Palms are one of the most productive areas along the east coast for redfish, speckled trout, flounder, shark and many others. Our salt marsh eco-system in Charleston creates a “nutrient rich soup” which provides the basis of the food chain for many species of fish. In the warmer months it is possible to catch over 10 species during one outing. All necessary tackle, licenses and supplies are provided on every trip.

Our fleet consists of a 6 passenger 23 foot bay boat, a 3 passenger flats boat for shallow water fishing targeting redfish, and a 12 passenger 27 foot Carolina Skiff for larger groups. We work closely with several of the top guides that also run out of the Isle of Palms Marina and can put together groups of 50 or more. Our captains are well experienced, patient, friendly, and have a deep passion for what they do. We cater to those who want a relaxed fishing trip with plenty of action. Our guides take extra care with kids making sure they have the best experience possible. When taking a fishing charter with Barrier Island EcoTours, you get more than just a fishing trip. Our guides are also naturalists and while catching fish, you will also gain knowledge about the dynamics of the salt marsh.

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Barrier Island Eco-Tours
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